SAP BusinessObjects is the main application coming under SAP Business Intelligence (BI).Here is an introductory tutorial with PDF training materials about SAP. PUBLIC. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite .. Exporting HTML Code, URLs, and Images to Excel Spreadsheets and PDF Files. SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Suite. Document Version: To save a document as a PDF file in Web Intelligence Rich Client.

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Public folders and categories are created by the Business Objects team, and can be viewed by Reports can be exported as CSV, Excel, PDF, or Text files. Intelligence. Rich Client. Business Objects . Saving to Other File Formats ( Excel, PDF, CSV, and Text). .. Select SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. Open SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence. Report formatting is used when you plan to print or save to a PDF. Print Preview (Page.

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SAP BusinessObjects Tutorial – PDF Training Materials

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It is a kind of study mode related to BO and helps in breaching data as well as in presenting data from all the available angles and the levels of details for analyzing the factors which caused the good and bad result. Define personal connection? The details for same are kept in a PDAC. LSI file.

Adaptive Business Objects - A new Component Model for Business Integration

Define Shared connection? It is opposite of personal connection as it can be used by others also through a server which is common one.

Define secured connection? It is a kind of connection which overcomes the disadvantages related with the former connection. We can use universe in central repository by secured connection.

What is custom hierarchies? It defines the universe for providing the drill down which is customized and occur between objects from same or different classes taking care of the user requirements.

How we can create Custom Hierarchies?

We can create custom hierarchies by clicking on tools then choosing hierarchies from BO designer.For example, you can convert your report into a chart or group the report into crosstab column headers.

This means that the content will now be scaled to a smaller size in order to fit the contents on the A4 page. Flash Video What is the status of the regulatory approvals for my outstanding proposals?

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The screen shots here will look slightly different than the current version of BI4.

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