Get this from a library! Reog Ponorogo, menari di antara dominasi dan keragaman. [Muhammad Zamzam Fauzanafi]. Historians trace the origin of Reog Ponorogo as the satire on the incompetence of Majapahit rulers. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Ebook Tumbuh Bagai Ilalang | It is a study Warok dan gemblak, kisah sumbang kesenian Reog Ponorogo.

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This is just a taste of the Reog Ponorogo, a traditional dance which is more than just a performing art. It also involves displays of physical prowess as well as the. It is different with other countries. The unique tourism of. Indonesia can be seen below: E.1 Reog Ponorogo. Reog is a traditional dance that becomes the main. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess comes from the famous kingdom in Kediri. The princess named Dewi Sanggalangit. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Another man plays the role of a dancer, Bujangganong, a governor under the rule of King Kelana Sewandono. He is a hero with a bad face, bearing a mask with a red, long nose, untidy hair and tusked teeth. The team of players is completed with riders on horses made of bamboo plaitwork or skin of animal. They symbolize the escorting soldiers of King Kelana Sewandono on his trips. Formerly these horse-riders were played by men called Gembak.

But now they are generally women. The total number of a Reog team is between 20 and 40 members, including the magical heroes waroks with open breasts and waist band, symbolizing their magic power. According to history the Reog dance originated from the glorious era of the Kediri kingdom around the l5th century. The region of Ponorogo was called Wengker, the seat of the kingdom of Bentarangin now the area of subdistrict Sonoroto under King Kelana Sewandono.

He had a governor, Pujangga Anom in the Reog dance called Bujangganong. One night Kelana Sewandono dreamed meeting a beautiful princess, Songgolangit. He felt in love with her and ordered his governor to ask the hand of the princess. Today, Jathil is usually performed by female dancers. Warok, plays as the Singa Barong, the mythical creature.

The one who is allowed to perform this dance is called warok. A warok is the honorary title of the local hero or strongman of the village who possesess both exceptional spiritual and physical strength.

The dance itself is a demonstration of physical strength.

Reog Ponorogo usually consists of three sets of dances; each dance is performed by several dancers: The first dance is the opening dance, performed by Bujang Anom, male dancers who wear black costumes.

The costume describes rough men with intimidating moustaches and other masculine symbols. The second dance is the Jaran Kepang dance performed by Jatil; it is originally performed by a gemblak, a handsome and youthful teenage boy wearing colourful costumes.

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Today female dancers usually play this role. The third dance is the main attraction of the show; it is performed by all the Reog dancers.

The warok as the main male dancer, wearing the large and heavy lion mask, dances in the centre of the stage while the other dancers dance around him. To demonstrate the warok's extraordinary strength, the Jatil rides on top of the lion mask and is carried around. Culture and traditions of Reog Ponorogo Reog dancers in Ponorogo, ca.

On his journey he was attacked by a vicious monster called Singa Barong, a mythical lion with peacock on its head. Historians trace the origin of Reog Ponorogo as the satire on the incompetence of Majapahit rulers during the end of the empire.

It describe the innate Ponorogo liberty and its opposition on centralist Majapahit rule. The lion represent the king of Majapahit while the peafowl represent the queen, it was suggested that the king was incompetent and always being controlled by his queen.

PDF The Mystical World of Indonesia Culture and Economic Development in Conflict Read Full Ebook

The beautiful, youthful and almost effeminate horsemen describe the Majapahit cavalry that have lost their manliness. Ki Ageng Kutu wrath against the corrupt behavior of his King, he saw that the powers of the Majapahit Kingdom soon will end.

He left the Kingdom and founded a College of martial arts in hopes of raising seeds which can be held as under. Ki Ageng Fleas will anger the powerful influence of the Chinese partner in the government and its king, king of the corrupt behavior, he also saw that the power of the Majapahit Kingdom will be terminated.

He then left the king and founded the university where he taught young children martial arts, science, self-immunity, and the science of perfection in the hope that these young children will be the seeds of revival again later Majapahit kingdom. Realizing that his forces were too small to fight the royal troops Ki Ageng the political message conveyed through the performing arts Flea Reog, which is a "hint" to the King and his kingdom Kertabumi Bra.

Reog barong masks are used as the closing attraction. In the show displayed Reog shaped head of a lion mask, known as "Singa Barong", the king of the jungle, which became a symbol for Kertabumi, and above it is plugged in peacock feathers to resemble a giant fan that symbolized the powerful influence of his Chinese colleagues who manage the over all movement geriknya.

Jatilan, played by a group of dancers gemblak a rocking-horse became a symbol of the power of the Majapahit Empire troops who became Warok contrast ratio with the power, behind the red clown mask that has become a symbol for Ki Ageng Fleas, alone and sustain the weight that reached more masks singabarong of 50kg using only his teeth [2].

Ki Ageng Reog popularity eventually caused Kertabumi Lice take action and attack perguruannya, a revolt by Warok quickly resolved, and forbidden to continue teaching college will Warok.

But the disciples Ki Ageng lice continues it secretly. Even so, art is still allowed to own Reognya staged because the show has become popular among the public, but the way the story has added a new channel in which the characters from folklore Kelono Sewondono Ponorogo namely, the Goddess Songgolangit, and Sri Genthayu.

Official version of the story line Reog Ponorogo now is the story of King Ponorogo who intend to apply daughter Kediri, Dewi Ragil Yellow, but amid the journey he was intercepted by King Singabarong from Kediri. King Singabarong forces consist of peacocks and lions, while the part of the Kingdom of Ponorogo King and his Deputy Kelono Bujanganom, escorted by Warok men dressed in black in the dance , and this Warok deadly black magic. The whole dance is a dance of war between the kingdom and the kingdom of Kediri Ponorogo, and pitted black magic between them, the dancers in a state of 'trance' when enacting the dance [3].

Origin of Reog Ponorogo

Until now, people just follow what Ponorogo into their heritage as a very rich cultural inheritance. In his experience art is copyright Reog human creations that form the flow of an existing trust from generation to generation and maintained.Known as gemblak, they accompany the warok, who are forbidden close association with females, in their travelling performances.

The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden. Regarding the Reog Ponorogo, the king was unable to stop it from being performed in public as it had already gained much popularity.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Indonesia Travel Guides Each Reog Ponorogo troupe consists of between 25 and 35 members and each performance is normally composed of 3 dance sequences. To feast circumcision or circumcision, is usually a story of warriors, Reog art scene in the scenario usually does not follow the well-organized.

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