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Dishonored Game Guide - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. The current version of the guide contains a complete walkthrough from start to finish, collecting all the hidden runes, bone charms, blueprints and Sokolov. Initially released in October of , Dishonored was met with a lot of A good deal of the guide is to get you through the game without killing.

Inside you will find gold, food, ammo, sleeping darts, a letter My Girls , a book, a rune, Sokolovs painting oraz Audiograph Campbell's Lamentation. In both cases, you need to be careful, because the staircases are guarded by single guards.

If you want to avoid meeting them, you should make use of the abovementioned window sills and opened windows. If, in turn, you prefer to eliminate them, do not forget about concealing the bodies, or otherwise, this may lead to alarm being raised by a stray guard that used to patrol the ground floor earlier.

New optional Quest: Firstly, you should go to the Archive room. Be careful though, because there are two enemies inside one downstairs and the other one up above. After you eliminate them, interact with the book On Branding Heretics, This way you will complete a side quest. Its an important thing to do, because this way, you will learn about an alternative way to get rid of the Overseer.

In the Archive Room you will also find seven other books, plus food and gold. In the main part of the room, you will find gold, Sokolovs health elixir and a spring razor.

Go now to the control room located upstairs the above screenshot. The area is locked away, but you can access it with an interrogation room key that can be stolen from the guards patrolling the corridors.

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Inside you can find gold, two books, bolts, sleeping bolts, Heretics Brand the thing you will be able to use to excommunicate Campbell and an Audiograph Whaler Assassin Interrogation. The easiest way to get there is by choosing any door. It is worth noting, at this point, that you do not need to sneak, because, by default, there is nobody inside the chamber. You could this way, reach the open windows of the chamber the above screenshot.

It is the best approach if you dont want to perform all of the optional actions already described, and prefer to focus on eliminating Campbell.

As a result, you will have several moments on your hands to consider how you actually want to play it. Ignore the new quest connected with killing Campbell, because you will also have the option to render him unconscious and excommunicate him. Possible variants are listed in the next subsection Choose your way of eliminating the High Overseer Campbell. In order to do that, you do not need to do anything, and only hide somewhere, e.

There are two downsides to this approach, though. First of all you will fail the side quest given to you by Callista save Curnow. Secondly, Campbell will order blockade, and this will lead to windows being shut and patrols being reinforced. You then have to take the decision about whether to kill him or just render unconscious. To do that, you would have to approach the two glasses on the table, interact with it, and choose the corresponding option from the list. After Campbell dies, captain Curnow will be charged with killing him and in the ensuing fight, you will have to protect him if you dont want him dead.

What is even more, a blockade will be introduced in the entire building shut windows, more patrols , which will make escaping even more difficult. It assumes poisoning both Campbell and Curnow. To do this, you would have to interact with the glasses and choose the second option. Not only will you fail the quest from Callista, but also you wont have the possibility to perform the side quest connected with excommunicating Campbell.

This is the best solution. It assumes making both participants leave the chamber. To do that, approach the glasses on the table and break them the third option on the list Copyright Gry-OnLine. The Overseer will be dissatisfied with the failed attempt to poison Curnow, but he wont give up and invite the captain to his chamber.

Follow them and, analogously to variant 1, you need to reach the secret room located in the buildings basement. Its a good idea to eliminate some guards earlier in the game in order not to have toworry about them later on. Wait for Curnow to turn his back at Campbell.

The Overseer will start to make preparations for dealing a deadly blow with his sword. This is the best moment to kill him or a better option chore him. Curnow will thank you for saving his life and leave. Regardless of your approach, you need to loot the Overseers body to obtain his blackmail journal. You should additionally check out the meeting chamber adjacent chamber.

You may find there gold, Pieros spiritual remedz, a plate and a rune. If Campbell is dead, you may now jump to the subsection Reach the Yard. If not, keep reading on. You may decide to excommunicate Campbell only after youve rendered him unconscious and not murdered or poisoned him. Lift the Overseers body and go to the Interrogation Room in the eastern wing of the building on the first floor.

Approach the chair to put Campbell in it. Access to the room is blocked by a locked door, so you need to use the interrogation room key that can be stolen from guards patrolling the nearby corridors.

Collect Heretic's Brand, and return to the Overseer with it. Use the tool on Campbell, to excommunicate him and keep him alive at the same time. Variant one assumes using the door on the ground floor of the Overseers building the above screenshot. It is a good choice if you are pressed for quick quest completion. I recommend using this way, because you will be able to resolve a conflict and pick some valuable loot. Be careful, however; this passage is, by default, guarded by two guards you can go around them or eliminate them.

Around there is a quarrel between guards. Since one of the guards is accompanied by an innocent person, you may show some initiative and offer your help. Its especially recommended, because you can easily sneak up to the guards from behind and eliminate them by either killing or choking them. You will receive thanks and a combination for the safe in the nearby barracks, as a reward. Additionally, its worthwhile to loot one of the guards for a back yard gate key. Note Nothing bad will happen if you decide not to save the people.

The combination is not required to appear in Corvos log if you want to open the safe anyways. Be careful, because the nearby alley is patrolled by an additional guard.

You should also look around for the hole shown in the above screenshot. In the basement, there are gold, food, Sokolovs health elixir, Pieros spiritual remedy, two books and yet another yard key. There are a few valuable items to be found around. The yard is guarded not only by guards, but also by hounds that you may have already run in the Kennel.

If they are new to you, try and stay away from them or eliminate at a distance first the guards, and then the hounds. Remain attentive, because there is at least one stray hound that will catch you unawares.

Dishonored Game Guide

Note do not forget to search the guards if you decide to eliminate them, one of them has a workshop key. You can access the building by teleporting around from one nearby roof to another the above screenshot. Be careful about the tripwire at the entrance. Jump over it and disarm the trap. The rodents can be eliminated with e. You can also try to avoid touching to the grount, thus avoiding them.

In the lower area there are gold, a note More Tools , a book and a bone charm clamped in the vice the above screenshot. If you havent eliminated the rats, try to catch it before it falls on the ground and will not be that easy to get. After you finish exploring the area, return upstairs and leave. All of the loot is hidden on the upper level that is best accessed through the ventilation shaft, as a rat.

First of all, have a look into the safe to find food, ammo and a bar of gold. Apart from that, there is a book book inside. I also recommend to explore the area around the precinct and underneath the stairs that lead up to it. This way you will obtain food, gold, bolts, sleeping bolts, Sokolovs health elixir and Pieros spiritual remedy.

If you have obtained the key from the guard, you may access it through the main entrance. Otherwise you should smash the skylight on top of the building the above screenshot. Inside, you will find gold, bolts,sleeping bolts, grenade, two spring razors, two Sokolovs health elixirs, Pieros spiritual remedy, an Audiograph Overseer Music Boxes, a blueprint, two books, rune, four notes Music Box Exploding Hounds Replacement Valve Concerning The Crossbows and two keys.

Watch your steps and do not wake the sleeping hound that is best neutralized at a distance. Inside the building you will find food, gold, Sokolovs health elixir ,two books and a note Combination Update. Thanks to the note, you will obtain the combination for the safe in the Bunkhouse that you may have received from the people you saved earlier. Be careful, because there are several other people in here. The upside is that you can relatively easy reach the roof of the Bunkhouse and surprise the guards.

Inside there are: The safe combination is , and inside there are sleeping bolts, gold and Sokolovs health elixir. In the generally accessible location there are bolts, sleeping bolts and Pieros spiritual remedy. Inside, you may find notes Hiding Place , Overseer Workshop Note, gold, bone charm, Sokolovs health elixir and two books. In the latter case, you should be careful and move around on building roofs to the extent it is possible.

You need to reach the building closest to the cliff the above screenshot. Stop in the spot shown in the above screenshot and use the chain to reach lower level. Confirm that you indeed want to leave the area the upper-right dialogue option and return to the pub.

Inform Callista that Captain Curnow has survived the plot against him If you managed to save captain Curnow from death, you need to speak to Callist right after you leave the boat. She will thank you and reward you with a family keepsake thats worth gold.

Its also a good idea to visit Piero in his workshop, especially that if youve found any blueprints. In order to move the action forward, go right to meet Havelock and Pendleton the above screenshot. Approach them to start a conversation. Retire to your bedroom New Main Quest: After you get there, interact with the bed. After Corvo wakes up, return to the place where youve talked to admiral Havelock the above screenshot.

He will inform you about strange noises coming from the sewers. Characters occupying the area suspect that its weepers that disturb peace and you will be asked to investigate it. You will receive old Port District sewer key. Investigate a disturbance in the sewers Use the key to open the manhole located nearby and jump down to the sewers. Start exploring the small location and follow a linear path.

Its also worthwhile to look around for gold and food. Weepers are people who were infected and have behaved like zombie ever since. It is worth noting here, that weepers are not treated like monsters, and therefore, killing them contributes to worse quest statistics.

Since you need to neutralize them and not kill, in this case, I recommend using sleeping bolts the above screenshot and try to get the weepers from behind.

In case you are grabbed the above screenshot I recommend pressing the left mouse button regularly. Regardless of the chosen approach, you need to remove weepers from the sewers. Leave the weepers in the sewer and report to Admiral Havelock I recommend checking the area with weepers carefully.

In here, you will find an ancient note and as many as two runes one of them in the cupboard and the other one in the water. Find a turning handle and swim out of the sewers or use the door that leads to the Pubs basement the above screenshot. Go now to meet admiral Havelock, who should be now in the bar, on the Pubs ground floor the meeting will also be participated by Overseer Martin.

Listen to the details of the next mission that includes the necessity to go to the Golden Cat. On your way there, you should talk to lord Pendleton, who will not object to eliminating his brothers. To start the mission, talk to Samuel and confirm that you want to start a new mission.. Furthermore, you will spend a lot of time in the Golden Cat Club, that was inaccessible at the previous stages of the game. The quests main aim is to neutralize the Pendelton twins, i. Custis Pendelton and Morgan Peldenton.

Traditionally now, I recommend that you acquaint yourself with descriptions of side quests. Especially that one of them allows an alternative way of neutralizing the twins. In a nutshell Below, you can find a list of all of the sub-points to this guide, connected with the described mission. Steps to take: Get past the first watchtower compulsory Meet the Bottle Street Gang leader optional I definitely recommend that you attend the meeting.

After you perform the quest received from Slackjaw, you will unlock an alternative way to eliminate the Pendelton twins Reach the Clavering boulevard compulsory Find Crowley in Dr Galvanis house optional this is the first quest that you receive from Slackjaw. Inside you can find a lot of valuable items in the club.

Also ones that will help you perform received tasks. Rescue Emily compulsory Explore the Art Dealers apartment optional It is best to explore the apartment on your way back to Slackjaw, because you will be in the possession of the combination necessary to open the safe already. The first one of the maps is to be found near the first one of the watchtowers, the second one is located near the road leading up to the Golden Cat club.

Map 1 Distillery District main part Legend: A club main stairs B staff stairs C changing room D stairs leading up to the second floor 1 ground floor reception desk 2 ground floor bathroom 3 first floor silver room the art dealer 4 first floor ivory room Morgan 5 first floor main area 6 second floor smoking room Cestus 7 second floor golden room 8 club managers office Madam 9 the attic Emily Copyright Gry-OnLine.

Meet with Slackjaw in the Distillery The quest starts in exactly the same place as the previous one, so you already should have much insight into the situation. Just like in the case of the previous stage, you can either take the main path, or swim up to the rocks at the water end. Keep vigilant, because this area is patrolled by , at least one guard. After you reach the place that a wall of light was located in, you will realize that it is shut now, and the wall has been replaced with a watchtower.

This would mean instantaneous death. Fortunately, the tower should be occupied with monitoring the bridge which you do not need to explore at all. What is even more, you can disable the tower if you dont want any disturbances while exploring. All you have to do is Blink to the top of the tower and remove the whale oil tank. This will result in the tower being shut down. Otherwise explore the entire area in detail.

Be careful about the two guards near the watch tower the above screenshot. If you suppose of them, you will be able to collect all the nearby loot. In this part of the district there are the following items to collect gold, food, ammo, two grenades, Sokolovs health elixir, Pieros spiritual remedy, rewire tool and an official guard report.

I recommend that you focus on side alleys the above screenshot instead. On your way, look around for gold, food and Sokolovs health elixir some of these are to be found on a roof, near a scouts corpse.

Ignore Grannys shut apartment and take the path leading to the local gangs headquarters. Its worth noting here that you do not need to fear any hostile reactions from the criminals, even though it was ok with you to murder many of them during the previous mission. Its worth to look around on your way, because you can find gold, food and a spring razor on your way. Use the buildings main entrance and find gold, food, two spring razors, two Sokolovs health elixirs, a note Bunting and a book.

Finally, gain access to the storage area shown in the above screenshot pass through the tunnel in the body of a rat or use the valve handle. Inside, you can find gold, food, ammo, a spring razor, two grenades, Pieros spiritual remedy, a distillery reserve key, Sokolovs health elixir and a blueprint.

Otherwise, they will launch at you and the nearby gangsters. Inside the enclosed area there is a bone charm. I recommend that you turn your attention to the lowest floor the above screenshot , because there is another enclosed area with the weepers there. If you dispose of them, you will be able to explore the area, thus obtaining gold, two Sokolovs health elixirs and a rewire tool.

Enter Dr. Galvani's offices Copyright Gry-OnLine. I recommend that on your way there, you look around for gold, food and two Pieros spiritual remedies. Slackjaw, i. Talk to Slackjaw and learn about the alternative way of disposing of the Pendelton twins.

He will send you on a mission to find Crowley, who has not returned after he had set out for Dr Galvanis flat. You may now return to the door that leads to the main part of the district. The safest way to get there is start by the watch tower you passed by during the first mission. The wall of light here is barricaded, but there is no obstacle preventing you from climbing the above screenshot , or passing through ventilation shafts as a rat.

The main obstacle here is that the area is watched by three professional assassins. So, if you do not eliminate them early enough, you will have to face them in combat at close quarters.

I recommend that you use Blink teleport in order to do that. Start by teleporting to the roof of the building on the left. The first one of the assassins is patrolling the interior of the building to the left the above screenshot. If you are patient enough, you will be able to get him from behind. After you dispose of him, look around for a Pieros spiritual remedy.

I recommend that after you eliminate the enemy, you have a look into the barred bathromm. Eliminate the weeper there in any way you want, and collect the bone charm. Apart from that, in the apartment, you can find gold, food, rewire tool and a Sokolovs health elixir. Its bedt to wait for the enemy to turn his back at you and teleport right behind him.

Note Before you leave the area, consider bartering with Griff again to replenish the supplies you need most. Its also a good idea to have a look into the place where you first found Griff.

Inside there are gold, food and incendiary bolts. If you are planning on eliminating guards here, I recommend that you start with the ones standing nearest to the entrance to Dr Galvanis office. Otherwise, stick to roofs and upper balconies. Of course, I recommend that you focus on the first variant, because, as I have already pointed out, starting the co-operation with the gang is key to unlocking the alternative way of eliminating the Pendelton twins. Unfortunately, the first obstacle to overcome is waiting for you right at the beginning, because the entrance on the ground floor the above screenshot and the one on the first floor are guarded.

The solution to this problem lies in the skillful usage of Blink, although you can also kill or render unconscious the abovementioned. Regardless of the path you follow, you need to make your way into Dr. Galvani's Office. This should make for easier evading, but there is nothing to stop you if you want to get rid of them. On the first floor, there should be nobody to encounter, and you should remember to explore all of the rooms in detail. As a result, this will allow you to determine Crowleys death.

Approach his corpse carefully to receive further instructions. Whichever option you choose, you need to examine the table that Crowleys body is lying on, and pick up the Audiograph Crowley's last message. I also recommend that you make your way to Dr Galvanis secret room again the above screenshot , either by going through the ventilation shaft or by pulling the book. Inside the room there is a new rune. Slackjaw should be now in the distillerys control room and zou need to initiate a dialogue with him in order to give him the audiograph.

Listen to the recording and notice that you have received The Captain's Chair hotel key that will be helpful in getting near the Golden Cat club. You will also receive another job from Slackjaw that is connected with obtaining for him the combination from the art dealer that is currently staying in the club. Just to remind you, the easiest way to do it, is to disable it by removing the whale oil canister located on its right side the above screenshot.

Notice however, that there appeared a control panel for the wall, so you can use the rewire tool to disable it. In both cases, you of course you would have to make sure that you are not seen by any of the nearby guards. Also this time around, you will be witness to a situation. This time, it will be two guards attempting to snatch an elixir from an innocent woman, and if you do not take a decisive action, she will be murdered.

If you want to help the woman and not reveal yourself, you can use your powers or sleeping bolts. For saving the woman, you will be rewarded with the art dealer's apartment key, that will come in handy in the later part of the quest. Note if the woman dies, you will be able to obtain the key anyways, but you will have to run through the womans pockets. Around, you can also find gold, fiid and Sokolovs health elixir. Just like in the case of the first watchtower, you can deprive it of its power supply by teleporting to the top and removing the whale oil tank Copyright Gry-OnLine.

If you do not want to lose time with the guards, you can move along roofs or aid yourself with your powers. If, on the other hand, you managed to eliminate all of them, dont forget to explore the area, because you can find here gold, food, ammo, three Sokolovs health elixirs, an official guard report and a rewire tool. Variant one assumes using the main entrance the above screenshot , located near the second watchtower.

The hotels entrance is located near the guard booth the above screenshot. Next, climb the stairs to the higher-located floors, But be careful about rats that will attack you. You can either kill the beasts, or return to the previous corridor and wait for them to go past, and move to the upper floors.

After you reach the top floor, you will find a door to the next area. Look out for the guards you may encounter on your way there three, at least and courtisans. Dont expect that the employees will behave the same way civilians do when they see Corvo. Therefore, it is best to avoid courtisans or take them out quietly.

As a result, it will be easier for you to plan your moves and, should the need arise, to avoid the people walking down below. It is especially worthwhile to explore the interior of the building to the right the above screenshot. It is best to get there using Blink. On the higher floor of the building there is a rune.

The most obvious variant is choosing the main entrance. It isnt a giid udea though, there are several guards around and you would have to make sure to avoid at least one courtesan.

Note apart from entering through the main entrance, you could also go through a nearby ventilation shaft, as a rat, to enter the changing room located in the buildings basement. You can do it by jumping or teleporting over the roofs of buildings.

The balcony is occupied by a single guard and, depending on your preference, you can either go around him or eliminate him. Since the window is located right above the balcony, you can reach it in a nearly identical way. The upside of this approach is that you do not need to avoid anyone while doing this. To do that, you would have to go left and reach the spot with a courtesan in it the above screenshot. Remember that courtesans can cause an alarm to be raised, so you need to either render her unconscious or go around her.

After you take over the fish, enter the tunnel shown in the above screenshot. It will take you to a room with showers in the buildings basement. Note I recommend that you now acquaint yourself with the further subsection of this guide entitled Explore the Golden Cat club.

If, for any reason you are in a hurry, you can skip this step and go about rescuing Emily right away Rescue Emily and eliminating the twins Choose a way to Eliminate the Pendelton Twins.

Eliminate Lord Custis Pendleton in smoking room, upstairs On the groud floor of the club, you will find the reception desk, and its worthwhile to look around for gold, book and the Golden Cat guest ledger.

Thanks to this, you will be able to determine that Morgan Pendelton is staying on the first floor in the Ivory Room, and Custis Pendelton is on the second floor in the Smoking Room. In the basement there is dressing room that is currently being occupied by two courtesans. You can find gold here, and explore a rtorage room to the side can be opened with a key from Madam, or accessed though a hole in the wall.

Inside there are Sokolovs health elixir and Pieros spiritual remedy. After it finishes, its worth going to Madams office located near the staff exclusive stairs the above screenshot First of all, I recommend that you steal the Golden Cat master key from her, and render her unconscious.

Thanks to this, you will be able ro ransack her office. In the office there are gold, another copy of the Golden Cat guest ledger, Sokolovs health elixir, two Pieros spiritual remedies and a note Golden Cast Master Key , thanks to which you will learn that Emily is being kept in the dormitory.

Wath out, at the same time, for any hostiles around. These are guards, above all. If you are planning on eliminating hostiles, remember to carry the bodies away and conceal them. This will prevent any prospective alarms.

Look around for gold, food, Pieros spiritual remedy, a book and a rune hanging on a wall the above screenshot. Also here, you need to watch out for guards and courtesans, save two ladies dancing at the stage. If you want to ensure yourself with a better position for planning firther moves, you should move to the upper part of the round, metal structure with the use of Blink teleportation.

It is also worthwhile to explore this part of the club to find gold, food and Pieros spiritual remedy.

Ignore, for the time being, the Ivory Room with Morgan Pendelton in it, because it is good to wait with the decision to eliminate him until all of the solutions are available. It is an entirely optional area located on the clubs ground floor.

You wont find anything special in there and, additionally, you would have to watch out for two guards and a courtesan. It is wrth adding that the guard accompanied by the courtesan can be eliminated in a pretty nasty way.

Namely, you need to take the valve handle from the table and put it into the slot, and then turn it. As far as the exploration itself is concerned, in the Steam Roomyou can find gold, food, a note Steam Room and a rewire tool. Persuade the art dealer to reveal his safe combination New Optional Quest: Inside, you will find the Art Dealer connected with the side quest received from Slackjawa.

Start torturing torturing the dealer by pulling the lever over and over again. After the Dealer wishes to finish the play, pull the lever two more times and select the upper-right dialogue option, which will earn you the safe combination. You may now leave the room I recommend against carrying on with torturing the dealer, or you can bring about his premature, unnecessary demise Copyright Gry-OnLine.

I recommend that in here, you ignore the door to the Smoking Room, at least until you unlock all of the possible solutions to the current quest. Explore instead the remaining part of the second floor, but watch out for two guards and a courtesan fortunately, two out of the abovementioned should be standing by balustrades.

In the main area of the second floor, there are gold, food and a note Smoking Room. Inside the optional Gold Room there also are Sokolovs health elixir, Pieros spiritual remedy and gold. Irecommend that you now start the exploration of the buildings top floors, and since it is concerned with the compulsory quest consistiong in rescuing Emily, skip now to the subsection entitled Rescue Emily.

Find Emily in the dormitory Note before you set out to rescue Emily, make sure that you have the Golden Cat master key on you that can be taken away or stolen from Madam, who is currently occupying her office on the first floor the above screenshot. On your way, it is worthwhile to look into one of the side rooms requires Madams key to find gold you need to look into the chest!

In the first room of the attic there is a courtesan. Dont let her see you and search the room for gold, food, a book and a rune. In the third room there is gold and food. To end up, enter the second room, in which there isEmily. Listen to the conversation to learn that the girl will wait for you at the VIP door. On your way, look around for two Sokolovs health elixirs and a note Elixir Delivery , and approach Emily to talk to her again.

Emily will resolve that she can reach the boat on her own and that she will be waiting there for you. Thus, you wont have to escort her on your own. Note if Emily doesnt want to leave the location, make sure that you unlocked the door with the Master key from Madam. I suggest that you turn your attention to the side quest connected with the exploration of the art dealers flat subsection Explore the art dealres flat.

I recommend that only after that you consider how to solve the main aim of the quest concerned with the elimination of the Pendelton Twins subsection Choose your way of eliminating the Pendelton twins.

After you return to the [Distillery District], you will find yourself in the sewers underneath the second wall of light and you will meet Granny here.

The old lady doesnt have jobs for you this time, but you can find gold, food, Pieros spiritual remedy, ammo, a letter Allison's Letter , a book and a bone charm. Its the building located opposite Dr Galvanis flat. The easiest way to infiltrate the the apartment is to use the main entrance on the ground floor the above screenshot. Unfortunately, you need to have the art dealer's apartment key obtained from the woman that you had saved in the side alleys More about this in Get around the first Watchtower.

There is a door at the back the above screenshot , but also here you need to use a key. Note - if you have not yet eliminated the assassins, do not forget to deal with them now.

The door here is unlocked. Watch out for the rats in the bathroom. The bathroom itself is not worth exploring. There is nothing in there anyways. In here you can find Sokolov painting. You can also examine the plates underneath the paintings znajdujce si pod obrazami, including the missing ones.

Also in this case, I recommend eliminating them. Examine this floor carefully to find gold, Pieros spiritual remedy, a book, a note Golden Cat Reopening and Sokolov painting, and also read further plates under the paintings. It is worth observing that stealing the items from the safe will not have any adverse effect on your relationship with Slackjaw, so you do not have to worry about the alternative way of finishing this quest.

The safe combination is , an inside there are Pieros spiritual remedy, Sokolov painting, a rune and a Boyle party invitation. Variant 1 murder Morgan and Custis Pendelton twins. In my opinion, this solution is less advantageous one , especially that each of the twins is surrounded by a group of people, and it might result in alarm being raised.

If you still want to go for this variant, make sure that you are inside [The Golden Cat] club. Variant 2 Have Slackjaw eliminate the Pendelton twins without having to eliminate them yourself.

Its much better a solution if you intend to beat the game in the east invasive way. If you want to choose this variant, make sure that you have successfully performed the first quest received from Slackjaw subsection Find Crowley in Dr Galvanis flat and the first half of the second quest obtaining the combination for the art dealers safe; subsection Explore the Golden Cat Club.

After you meet all of the requirements, go to the [Dunwall Whiskey Distillery] location. Note that the area is occupied by several guards, and one of them is taking a peek through the key hole every now and then.

That is why it would pay off to eliminate all of the guards. You need to realize, however, that this will alarm the whole of the building, as a result of which, Custis may change his whereabouts.

Morgan is accompanied by a courtesan, so you need to eliminate both of them as quickly as possibl, for example by slowing down or holding time and a crossbow pistol is too loud. After the execution, do not forget to loot the room to find gold Morgan has a pouch on him Sokolovs health elixir and Pieros spiritual remedy.

Also this time you need to expect guards patrolling the area, so this would bee a good idea to get rid of them early enough. This will, however alarm the entire building and, as a result, Morgan may change his whereabouts unless you killed him earlier.

Eliminate the guard ant conceal his body, Just in case. This solution is good for one more reason. If you are patient enough, Custis will turn away from the courtesan. This will allow for an efficient elimination of both. After the execution, do not forget to ransack the room to find gold Custis has a pouch on him. After you meet with Slackjaw it is described in the subsection Meet with the Bottle Street Gang Leader you will be asked to find Crowley.

His body is to be found in Dr Galvanis flat the above screenshot , and the description of this location is to be found in the subsection Find Crowley'a in Dr Galvanis flat. You will meet him Chile exploring the first floor of the Golden Cat club. The entire mission has been gescribed in the subsection Explore the Golden Cat Club. Note you may also plunder the art dealers flat before returning to Slackjaw. During the conversation you need to tell Slackjaw the combination the upper-right dialogue option.

Slackjaw will thank you, and will promise you to eliminate the twins and keep them alive at the same time. Note- I recommend that you rob Morgan and Custis even if you do not want to kill them.

You just need to make sure that you do it out of anybodys sight the above screenshot. Traditionally, you need to drag the unconscious or killed guard into a darkened spot.

Start with the one located the closest to the starting point and enter it only after the guard turns away the above screenshot. Next, peek through the keyhole and enter the neighbouring room at the right moment to deal with the last of the guards. Then intereact with the switch located in the second of the side rooms.

Warning if you do not want to attack guards, you should immediately make use of the door leading to the room with the switch, being mindful of course, of the last of your enemies actions.

The first one of them is standing at the gate the above screenshot. If you are on the lower level, you need to attack him and drag him away into a dark location, being careful, at the same time not to get within the sight of the other one of the enemies. If you are on the pipes on top, you may either jump down onto the guard or avoid him by choosing pipes leading to the balcony on the left. Regardless of your position lower level or the pipes you may get him from behind and neutralize, or try to avoid him.

In the case of the latter, I recommend turning your interest to the objects that you can hide in, like a crate or a trash container. You can also use the switch to close the gate, which will make it a bit easier to avoid guards after the explosion occurs. The last thing to do is plant the explosive on the marked wall by pressing F key. Theoretically, you could run out of the prison right after the explosion.

It is, however, a better idea to wait for the guards, who appear here after the explosion, to leave the area after they explore it. Dont worry about falling from height. I recommend that you note the guards patrolling the walls to the right.

You should definitely avoid getting within their sight because they are armed with firearms and may attack you even at a distance this large. Swim up to the wall occupied by the enemies and turn towards the sewers entrance the above screenshot New Main Quest: Escape into the sewers Copyright Gry-OnLine.

This way you will avoid unnecessary alarm. Take the narrow path to reach a new location you need to confirm that you actually want to enter this location by choosing the upper-right option. After you teach the blocked passage, collect food and a note from a friend, then start climbing by grabbing onto further chests.

Your destination is the section localized near the ceiling. Go straight here and watch a very interesting cut scene featuring a guard and a small group of rats. Go straight here and reach a wider tunnel.

Do not approach the rats visible to the right, or else theyll attack and there is no point in wasting ammo on them, because you would gain nothing. I recommend jumping into water right away and follow the current to reach the partially flooded tunnel shown in the above screenshot. Climb up the stairs and approach the body hanging on the cranking mechanism. Carry the body away just drop it anywhere and interact with the crank itself.

Press and hold down the F key until a new passage opens. You should be able to reach a much larger room with rats in it. You need to solve an easy puzzle here. Begin by reaching the central platform with bodies on it the above screenshot. Meanwhile, you need to avoid the abovementioned rats, so try and jump over from one large object to another, and use ground only to run to the main platform. This should draw the attention of the rats, which will give you enough time to reach another cranking mechanism and interact.

Note if rats attack you anyways, try and toss the next body even further away from the crank. If you, however run out of bodies, wait for guards to throw further bodies into the sewer.

After you find yourself in a wider tunnel, turn right and climb up the stairs. Look around the place for gold and food.

Approach the chain and press F key to grab it. - /files/pdfs/Game Guides/Xbox 360 Guides/

Start by exploring the surroundings of your starting place, as well as the lower level for the time being ignore the stairs to the left and the corridor to the right to find food and gold.

It is also worthwhile to jump into water and examine the dead body floating there. Return now to the starting point and turn your interest to the upper balcony shown in the above screenshot. Interact with the launcher to disarm it and acquire an incendiary bolt. After you reach the end of the plank, jump over the balustrade. EP Help Repository. Emuparadise Advertise on EP! So you what you see? Share the LOVE! Search Results: You searched for "pdf guide" in All Sections: Guide Size: Zack and Wiki: Let's Go, Pikachu!

Let's Go, Eevee!: Ultimate Marvel vs.

The Elder Scrolls V: The Witcher 3: Mass Effect 3: Super Mario Encyclopedia: Ni no Kuni II: Deus Ex: Metal Gear Rising: Warcraft II Battle. Dragon Quest IV: Official Mech Warrior 2: Elder Scrolls IV: Mass Effect 2: Destiny IGN Guide ver. Far Cry 2: WWE Smackdown Vs. Tomb Raider: Fallout New Vegas: Mystic Chronicles: Fallout 3: Dragon Ball Z:The entire mission has been gescribed in the subsection Explore the Golden Cat Club.

Watch out especially for those of the bandits that can breathe fire. Warning if you do not want to attack guards, you should immediately make use of the door leading to the room with the switch, being mindful of course, of the last of your enemies actions. You can pass overhead on pipes above the above screenshot or use the chain of underwater tunnels. On your way you should take a look into one of the trash containers, where you will find food and gold. You can already acquaint yourself with all of the pages of the in-game manual available after pausing the game , although individual hints should display on your screen at appropriate moments.

Its worth noting here that you do not need to fear any hostile reactions from the criminals, even though it was ok with you to murder many of them during the previous mission.

It contains a very detailed description of how to complete all of the missions. Hardware Hardware.

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