This tutorial illustrates how to embed a PDF Viewer in a Windows Forms application, to open, preview, navigate and print PDF documents without the need to. Getting Started. The following tutorials explain how to use the DevExpress PDF Viewer: Lesson 1 - Create a PDF Viewer. How to add a PDF Viewer to the. Should you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on our documentation, feel free to email us at [email protected] Includes documentation / Visual Studio developers. WinForms, WPF, & MVC, Bootstrap, Reporting, Office File API, Dashboard.

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Note. This tutorial uses the that comes shipped with the WinForms PDF Viewer demo. Copy the file to the subdirectory of your project. This file is. NET Controls and MVC optimized extensions, view our online tutorials, videos . NET Library that allows you to fully process Excel, Word and PDF documents. Lesson 1 - Create a PDF Viewer. This document demonstrates how to create a WPF PDF Viewer. This tutorial consists of the following steps. Step 1. Create a.

See our iOS and Android controls in action now - on a smartphone or a tablet. Download on the App Store. Get in on Google Play. How to Draw a Pie Chart for Android. How to Plot a Financial Chart for Android. Explore the comprehensive feature set of DevExpress Reporting for the.

NET Framework. The following demo applications are included in your free 30 day trial. See Video Get Started. NET Core Demo.

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NET WebForms. If you are targeting the WinForms platform, download the free 30 day trial to run the demos on your machine. This straightforward demo app with highly configurable CRUD UI allows you to manage projects, assign tasks to employees, store customer comments, and organize basic product management processes. NET Demo Tutorial. This demo allows you to store contacts, tasks, events, reports and other related data.

This advanced demo was designed to mimic some of the features found in popular CRM applications. Review the DevExpress Dashboard online web demos below. If you're targeting WinForms or WPF, download the free 30 day trial to run the demos on your machine.


A non-visual cross-platform. DevExpress Report Server: Windows Desktop Controls. Explore Our Newest Features.

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Announcing DevExpress Universal v Windows 10 Apps. NET Core.

Bootstrap WebForms. Office File API. XAF - App Framework. Native Mobile UI Controls. Outlook-Inspired Application Build apps with the UI elements your customers have come to expect from the world's most popular software suite. Touch-Enabled Hybrid Application Build touch-friendly WinForms applications that meet the evolving needs of your enterprise.

Outlook-Inspired Application Build Office inspired applications with the UI elements your customers have come to expect from the world's most popular software suite. Outlook-Inspired Application Deliver functional, elegant and interactive experiences for the web, regardless of the target browser or computing device.

Sales Viewer Construct flexible and fully customizable web apps for real-time data consumption and analysis. Performance See Demo.

Hotel Booking See Demo. Documents See Demo. Responsive Application See Demo. Reporting Construct reports of unmatched elegance and informational clarity. Tutorials ASP. Sales Dashboard A data visualization web app optimized for tablet and mobile devices. Stock Market Monitor See Demo. Tutorial Videos DevExtreme: Load a document to the PDF Viewer.

Click the PdfViewer's smart tag to invoke its actions list. The Open dialog box appears. In this dialog, locate the document to be opened and click Open.

Select necessary ribbon pages in the PdfViewer Tasks menu or click Create All Bars to add all available ribbon pages at once. You can customize the created ribbon afterward: change the ribbon style , add new ribbon elements, modify or remove the existing items.

You can also implement a bar interface. You can upgrade it to the ribbon interface at any time e. Runtime Use the PdfViewer. CreateRibbon or PdfViewer. CreateBars method overloads to add a ribbon or a bar manager to the PdfViewer at runtime. C using DevExpress. Ribbon; using DevExpress. Ribbon Imports DevExpress.When you are debugging, the debugging will break on an exception that occurs during a callback, but whether you are debugging or not, the client will appear to hang as depicted by Figure By default, the grouped column does not appear in the expanded group.

The And link also supports adding a group or condition, or removing all the conditions in a group.

Lesson 2 - Load a Document

Xamarin Controls. Controls and Libraries. The ASPxGridView has extensive built-in summary capabilities, many of which can be used without writing code. KeyFieldName e. One feature that I find lacking in the PdfViewer control is a good thumbnail navigation system. This release includes over 10 patch fixes provided by members of the Toolkit community.

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