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Glenn D. Inauguration July 31, arcspace feature Image courtesy the Zollverein School The design, a cuboid structural shell, picks up the basic functional and effective idea used by the original Zollverein architects Schupp and Kremmer.

The oversized cube, which measures 35 meters by 35 meters and is 35 meters high, reflects the dimensions of the Zollverein mine. The seemingly coincidental organization of the openings, windows in three different sizes, create an unusual interaction with the surroundings and the interior.

Photo: Thomas Mayer The building has four floors with ceilings of varying height as well as a roof garden. The idea of stacking open floor plans was developed in compliance with the demands made by the various functions.

Croquis Sanaa 139 Pdf

Photo: Thomas Mayer A multi-level presentation hall, exhibition and foyer areas for public use, and a caf, are located on the ground floor. The Design Studios on the second floor will be a production level, home to the creative workplaces.

Photo: Thomas Mayer The library is on the third floor together with open, glazed seminar rooms as well as several separate, quiet workplaces along the north-east facade. The fourth floor is the office level, with working areas of various sizes and characters, divided by glass walls.


Photo: Thomas Mayer Photo: Thomas Mayer Windows in the exterior walls and appropriately distributed lighting will guarantee daylight and visual connections for all workplaces.

The garden on the roof can also be used on a temporary basis, and will serve above all as a viewing platform over the Zollverein World Heritage Center.

The Zollverein School will act as a bridge between teaching, research, and practical implementation in relation to the planned Design Park as the Zollverein grows and prospers as a design location. The entire infrastructure and design of the industrial landscape, from the pathways via the parking lots and green areas to the drains, are being redesigned by landscape planning office Agence Ter. One of the most noteworthy innovations being used is a cost-cutting energy concept that will allow the Zollverein School to use the thermal pit water that is still pumped from the ground at the Zollverein as a source of energy.

May Image courtesy SANAA The new extension will cover the whole block, including the exterior areas, in a transparent Skin that will increase the volume of the building and create new public spaces between the Skin and the existing building. The program, including the existing building which is converted to galleries, new and old city foyer, roof terrace, sculpture gardens, and childrens terrace are unified by the Skin.

Image courtesy SANAA The extension will reorient the main entrance of the museum toward the Barrio de El Carmen in the old city, providing access to the caf, the shop, the auditorium, and the sculpture garden located on the rooftop terrace. The current Guillem de Castro entrance will become a space inside the museum, sheltered by the skin.

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By opening the two sides the museum connect the old city center to the new city. Image courtesy SANAA The terrace with its sculpture garden and restaurant, offering magnificent views of the city, will be the main leisure area for visitors.

Access to the terrace will be from the building or from a panoramic lift beside the Guillem de Castro entrance. Image courtesy SANAA The current building contains eight galleries that houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions. One of the galleries, with its own separate entrance, shows the remains of the mediaeval ramparts that once enclosed the city of Valencia.

The extension will add six new galleries as well as public spaces. Photo courtesy the New Museum of Contemporary Art Scheduled to break ground in October the seven-story composition - a stack of rectangular boxes shifted off axis in different directions, clad in silvery galvanized, zinc-plated steel, and punctuated by skylights and windows offering vistas and vignettes of the city doubles the size of the New Museum's current facilities on Broadway in SoHo.

Photo courtesy the New Museum of Contemporary Art At night, the building's metallic exterior will be washed with artificial lighting from within. La subestructura es un armazn de hormign de superficie ondulada, con un espesor de mm y una luz mxima de unos 80m.

La geometra del armazn se deriva de un mtodo de anlisis de elementos finitos FEM que da como resultado una superficie ondulada con escasa transmisin de las cargas. Se utiliza una losa hueca para reducir el peso estructural en todas partes excepto en los extremos, en donde se concentran las mayores fuerzas axiales. Sobre el zcalo, unos delgados pilares de acero dispuestos en una retcula de 9x9m soportan la viga de acero.

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El nivel bajo el terreno utiliza un sistema estructural bsico que consiste en una losa plana de hormign. Unas columnas murales resisten a las fuerzas verticales en los puntos de apoyo del armazn, y unos pilares dispuestos en una retcula de 17mx10m soportan el forjado de mm de espesor.

El forjado de la planta baja funciona como tirante, resistiendo el empuje horizontal causado por el armazn estructural. This is a simple single story building with a steel structure expanding over a m x m rectangular site.

However, the flat RC slab supporting the steel structure leaves the ground and gently ascends. The overview left shows the construction of the landscape, from RC mat slab to steel frame.

The substructure is free-curved-surface RC shell.

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Its thickness is mm and the largest span is about 80m. The geometry of the shell derives from a method of finite element analysis so as to be a free curved surfaced shell with little load transmission by bending movement.

It uses a hollow slab to reduce the structural self-weight at every part except the feet of the shell, where large axial forces concentrate.Above the plinth slender steel columns arranged on a 9x9m-grid support the steel beam.

La geometra del armazn se deriva de un mtodo de anlisis de elementos finitos FEM que da como resultado una superficie ondulada con escasa transmisin de las cargas.

The plane of the ground floor's slab functions as a tie as well resisting the horizontal thrust a shell structure particularly causes. Gratis el croquis 1. The idea of stacking open floor plans was developed in compliance with the demands made by the various functions. Lightwells and contours organize the open landscape into zones of activity.

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