Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. College-aged Guène was raised by Algerian Faïza Guène (Author), Sarah Adams (Translator) eBook features: . Sold by: site Digital Services LLC; Language: English; ASIN: BH1U2TM . Summary: Struggling with an overworked mother, an absent father, and the challenges of life within the Ebook Library Other Titles: Kiffe kiffe demain. Kiffe kiffe tomorrow / Faïza Guène ; [translated from the French by Sarah Adams] Guène, 1 online resource ( pages), , English, Book, Possibly online.

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Read "Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow A Novel" by Faïza Guène available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. A “touching, furious, sharp . Kiffe kiffe tomorrow by Faïza Guène, , Harcourt edition, in English. It was translated into English in by Sarah Adams under the title Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow. Her second work, Du rêve pour les oufs, was released on 28 August.

What book changed the way you think about fiction? What book influenced you the most?

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Sostiene Pereira by Antonio Tabucchi , the book which persuaded me to write my first book. What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Live and read. What weight do you give reviews?

I enjoy looking at my book as if I were another person. Where do you see the publishing industry going?

To some new place. What writing trends have struck you lately?

The new American television series. What lessons have you learned about life from reading?

Reading has made me ask new questions I would have never thought of. What has being a writer taught you?

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That you can earn some money for doing something you would normally do without being paid. Translated, it's a very easy read, basically YA, though for a reader of French around A-Level standard, the slang will take a bit of getting used to.

Subject-wise, it technically has that realist 'worthiness' c [3. Subject-wise, it technically has that realist 'worthiness' characteristic of the IFFP - it's about an impoverished French-Moroccan teenage girl living on a tough estate on the outskirts of Paris - but it's not in the least dry, so 'worthy' wasn't an adjective that occurred to me until afterwards.

This book didn't exist when I was doing A-levels, but Kiffe Kiffe plus an older classic would be a better choice than two of the latter, and certainly gives a less rarefied view of France than the likes of Marcel Pagnol. It's also potentially educational in that there's a lot to look up about French pop culture of the late 90s and early 00s, the sort of casual references you might get IRL: e.

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The book makes sense without knowing all these references, but I enjoy finding out this sort of stuff. If you like to look things up as you go, it means that this otherwise very straightforward book might not be the most convenient read for public transport.

Narrator Doria's voice may grate for some readers and the ending is perhaps a bit too neat in that YA way. I have never understood why so many older child and teenage narrators pepper their stories with "I wish [really bad thing] would happen to [so and so]". I don't remember thinking this about more than one or two people and it's not like I was having a great time socially or at home , and I can't ever remember other kids saying it.Fifteen-year-old Doria lives alone with her illiterate mother, abandoned by a father who is seeking a younger, more fertile wife in his birthplace, Morocco.

What weight do you give reviews? Alternatively, and this is going off at a tangent, the Chateau and the Forest have been used as locations in a number of films, such as The Man In The Iron Mask , Marie Antoinette , Napoleon The book makes sense without knowing all these references, but I enjoy finding out this sort of stuff.

It is a slice of life, coming of age story, of a second generation teenage immigrant living her life far from the images of the city of Paris that come to mind for most of us.

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