Insearch English Prepare for Ielts General Training Practice Tests - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. and IELTS Preparation. Why study English at. UTS:INSEARCH? 5. study anytime, anywhere. Academic English (AE) students can access and interact with. Telephone number. Course. Teacher's name. Student visa expiry date. PREPARE FOR IELTS: General Training UTS:INSEARCH. I wish to request leave in term.

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Prepare For IELTS has been prepared and produced at. Insearch Language Centre al the University of. Technology, Sydney, by a team of teachers experienced. INSEARCH Insearch UTS and International Programs. THE NEW PREPARE FOR IElTS: General Training Modules Unit 1 Introduction to the. You will develop the English language and academic literacy skills required for successful The Academic English Program will help you develop your ability to .

I once watched my next door neighbour chase her bin the whole length of the street. Every time she nearly caught up with it, it got away again. The waste paper will be collected this Tuesday, that S Tuesday 19th. The truck will come during the day.

Would you put it out on Monday the 25th please? The charity truck will come by during the day on the last Monday of the month. It has a very good local reference section if you want to find out more about this city. Oh, yes! Please would you change the filters on the washing machine on the last day of the month, which is Sunday the 31st. We find that the machine works much better if we change the filters regularly. Narrator; Now look at questions 19 to Circle the correct answer.

I hope to have a little time to look around. I do hope I manage to get to at least some of the theatres and museums. I hope to meet up with an old teacher of mine at the conference. I hope you like cheese and onion pie.

Would you do me a favour please? It was made a long time ago and I forgot about it until this morning. Could you please call the dentist on and cancel the appointment for me? Thanks a lot, John. One last thing. When you leave the house, make sure the windows and doors are shut, and set the burglar alarm. The alarm code number is enter. Have fun! This is your friend Martha, saying goodbye. Narrator: That is the end of Section 2.

You will now have some time to check vour answers. Now turn to Section 3. Section 3. In this section vou will hear a discussion between a college receptionist, Denise, and a student named Vijay about learning a language. In the first part of the discussion they are talking about the course Vijay will study.

First look at questions 25 to Note the examples that have been done for you, Using no more than three words or numbers, complete the table.

Denise: Hello. May I help you? Vijay: Hello. Is this the right place for me to register to study foreign languages? Denise: Yes, it is. May I have your name please? Vijay: Vijay. My family name is Paresh. Denise: Vijay Paresh. Do you have a telephone number?

Vijay: Yeh. Denise: Thank you. Now, which language would you like to leam? Denise: Okay.

Find a copy in the library

Our classes are conducted in lots of different places. Denise: This is Building A. Denise: What time do you want to to come to lessons? They go on for three hours, and they start at Have you ever studied Spanish before? Denise: We describe our classes by level and number. When will classes start? Denise: Elementary One begins — ah — just a minute -ah — it begins on August Vijay: Great! Now what else do I have to do?

Narrator: Now look at questions 30 to Choose the appropriate letters A to D and write them in boxes 30 to 32 on your answer sheet. Listen carefully to the conversation between Denise and Vijay and Anne. First, you have to go to … Anne: May I have a minute please Denise? Denise: Of course, Anne. Creating conditions suitable for growth is a serious challenge, and some think the crop yield would be too low to make economic sense.

My biggest reservation is that the basic premise is flawed. We already know how to increase food production from existing land resources, particularly in areas with surplus land such as sub-saharan Africa. It s just that we do it incredibly badly at the moment, says Rob Brook, a rural development researcher at the University of Wales in Bangor. This is a rich person s pipe dream. F Yet there is strong support elsewhere. Luc Mougeout, an advocate of urban agriculture at Canada s International Development Research Centre, says the vertical farm is not only possible, but will happen within this generation.

It would collect at one site a diversity of elements already at work in some form or another around the world, he says. Despommier has the backing of his university as well as venture capitalists from the Middle East, China and the Netherlands. If the vertical farming vision becomes a reality, we could find ourselves once again enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables sourced from just around the corner, except these might come from the 45th floor.

Questions 1 6 Reading Passage 1 has six sections, A F. Which section contains the following information?

Write the correct letter, A F, in boxes 1 6 on your answer sheet. NB You may use any letter more than once. The diagram below shows how electricity is generated by using hot water from underground. Summarise the information in the diagram to explain how the system works. Write at least words. Generating electricity using geothermal energy 4 Power station generates electricity 5 Electricity sent to national grid 3 Heat exchanger extracts heat to run power station 6 Cool water pumped back down 2 Hot water pumped up Layer of hot rock 1 Hot underground water Starting point of cycle Layer of hot rock 90 Focusing on IELTS Academic Practice Tests 10 SPEAKING Speaking Test 3 When you listen to the recording, after you hear each question you should press pause and answer the question before going on to the next question.

Could you tell me your full name, please? And can I see your passport? Thank you. Now, in the first part of the test, I m going to ask you some questions about yourself. Let s talk about where you live. What made you choose the place where you live now?

How long have you lived there? Would you say it s a good area for families to live in? Would it be a better area to live if there were fewer people than now? Next, let s talk about how people pay for things they download. How do you prefer to pay for things that you download, in cash or by card? When you pay cash for something, do you usually check the change that you are given? What is the most common way of paying for things in your country? When you go to another country, do you have problems using a different currency?

Now I d like to talk about getting up early in the morning. Did you like to get up early in the morning when you were a child?

University of Technology Sydney IELTS Centre

Questions Choose the appropriate letter A-C m1d write it in boxes OIl your allswer sheet. Smoking is A allowed in University housing B not allowed in University housing C allowed only in certain areas in University housing. University townhouses are available for A full-time students only B part-time students only C all students. Accommodation in the area surrounding the university is A scarce B plentiful C scarce and expensive. Questions Complete the follawing sente,1ces with information from the passage.

Write your answers ill boxes OIl your allswer sheet. For 20 years, to , Kormilda College operated as a government-run, live-in school for high school Aboriginal students. In it was bought from the Covernment by two Christian church groups and since then it has expanded enormously, to include a day school as well as boarders residential students in Years Although pupils of the College's total number are Aboriginal students, drawn mainly from isolated communities across the Northern Territory, Kormilda also has a waiting list of non-Aboriginal students.

With a current enrolment of , student numbers are expected to grow to by Section B Central to the mission of the school is the encouragement of individual excellence, which has resulted in programs designed especially for the student population.

Specialist support programs allow traditional Aboriginal students, who are often second language users, to understand and succeed in the mainstream curriculum. Section C To provide appropriate pastoral carc, as well as a suitable academic structure, three distinct sub-schools have been established. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in Years who are of secondary school age but have difficulties reading and writing.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are of secondary school age and operating at secondary school year levels who need specific second language literacy and numeracy support. For multi-cultural Years students. Students remain in their sub-schools for classes in the main subject areas of English, Maths, Social Education and Science. This arrangement takes into account both diverse levels of literacy and the styles of learning and cultural understandings appropriate to traditional Aboriginal second-language users.

Section D To aid the development of the Aboriginal Education program, a specialist curriculum Support Unit has been set up. Onc of its functions is to re-package school courses so that they can be taught in ways that suit the students. The education program offered to Aboriginal students uses an approach which begins with the students' own experiences and gradually builds bi-cultural understanding.

In onc course, "Introducing Western European Culture Through Traditional Story-Telling", students are helped to build a common base for approaching the English literature curriculum. Drawing on the oral culture of traditional Aboriginal communities, they are introduced to traditional stories of other cultures, both oral and written. In a foundational Year 10 course, "Theory of Learning", concepts from Aboriginal culture are placed side by side with European concepts so that students can use their own knowledge base to help bridge the cultural divide.

Another project of the Support Unit has been the publication of several books, the most popular, Kormilda Capers. One of the stories in the book, "The Bulman Mob hits the Big Smoke", recounts the adventures of Kormilda pupils on their first visit to Sydney, Canberra and the snow country.

Focussing on experiences which have directly affected the lives of students at the College, and on ideas and issues which are of immediate interest to Aboriginal students, Korll1ilda Capers has earned enthusiastic support within and outside the school. Write your answers ill boxes on your answer sheet.

At the time of writing there were non-Aboriginal students at Kormilda College. Question 28 From the list below, choose the best headillg for Section B of the reading passage. Complete the diagram using informalion fromllle lexl. Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. Reading Practice Test' Questions Read the passage about Konnilda College and look at the statements below. III boxes your flllSWer sheet write: Kormilda College educates both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students.

Some students travel from Arnhem Land to attend Kormilda College. Students must study both the international Baccalaureate and Northern Territory courses.

The Pre-Secondary School attracts the best teachers. The specialist curriculum Support Unit adapts school courses so the students can approach them more easily. There are no oral traditionaJ stories in Western communities. The school helps the students make connections between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultures. Answer the questions below by writing the letters of the appropriate advertisemeHts hi boxes on your answer sheet.

Which advertisement is not for a restaurant? Which restaurant states that it serves breakfast? Which restaurant will give you an extra serving if you present the coupon? Which restaurant does not offer a takeaway service?

Which restaurant will bring the food you order to your house? You are invited to enjoy a special treat at Jaspar's Macquarie Plaza.

Simply present this coupon with your next order and when you download the burger of yOUf choice it will be OUT pleasure la give you another burger of the same variety absolutely FREE! Valid only at Macquarie and ONE voucher per customer per day. Cannot be used with any other ]aspar's offer.

Italian influence, menu changes every four months. Breakfast includes toast, pancakes, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, gourmet sausages and fruit; light meals and lunch menu includes pasta, salad, crepes, seafood, soups, focaccia, burgers, desserts.

Breakfast S4. Relaxed and quiet. Patrons can dine inside or out. Join our creative and nutritious three week program conducted by qualified professionals, including delicious tastings and demonstrations. Starting Wednesday May 10 at 7. Answer Questions The following text is a series ofgeneral instructions for using a microwave oven. Part ofeach instruction is underlined.

Whilst heating liquids which contain air e. Potatoes, apples, egg yolks, whole squash and sausages afe all foods with non-porous skins.

This type of food must be pierced before cooking. Do not dry clothes or other materials in the oven. They may catch on fire. Do not cook food directly on glass oven tray unless indicated in recipes. Food should be placed in a suitable cooking utensil. Do not hit control panel. Damage to controls may occur. Clean the oven, the door and the seals with water and a mild detergent at regular intervals. Never use an abrasive cleaner that may scratch the surfaces around the door.

Round trip: Share your favourite poem or one of your own with a group around a gently crackling fire. Billy tea and damper to follow. Dress up warmly. Bring a mug and a rug or a chair. Possum Prowl Duration: Magnificent Pittwater views. Visit Beechwood cottage. Bring lunch and drink. Some steep sections. Reasonable fitness required. Meet 7. Enjoy the peace ofthe bush at night. Bring torch and wear non-slip shoes as some rock clambering involved.

Coffee and biscuits supplied. Binoculars a must to bring as many birds live here. Finish with morning tea. Read the descriptions and answer questions Community College Courses COURSE A if you have no previous experience with computers, or you have some gaps in your knowledge of the basics, then this is an appropriate course for you.

This course will give you a thorough grounding in the fundamental concepts of computing common to all computers. It is a practical "hands on" course that looks at how a computer operates and how the programs work. Using three of the most widely used programs in business, you will learn the basics of word processing, spreadsheets and databases.

By the completion of the course you will be productive at a basic level and competent to progress to the elementary level of any of the specialised programs.

No previous computer skills assumed. Your abilities directly influence the company's bottom line. This course will look at ways to revitalise the customer contact skills you already have and add many more. Learn ways to improve your communication with customers, at all levels; techniques to use with difficult customers, how to confidently handle complaints and keep your cool in stressful situations. Most importantly, you will learn to build goodwill and trust with your customers.

Course notes, lunch and refreshments provided.

Joshua Smith Fee: A useful course for all aspiring owners, managers, and employees of these small businesses to assist them in ensuring they don't make eXpC: Bring lunch. Sarah Bridge Fee: At the end of the course participants will be able to effectively: An excellent course for those entering or returning to the workforce.

A Statement of Competency is jssued if the assessment requirements are successfully completed.

Douglass McDougall Fee: Come along to a new two day program for women. We will explore your work goals and what holds you back, your fears in a work environment and how you handle them, your image and what it says to others, your communication style and what it says. You will develop more confidence to make changes, get clearer about what you want and have the courage to act. It is a relaxed, informative and fun workshop with lots of practical tips! Questions Choose the title which best fits each course and write the number Lto LX in boxes on your answer sheet.

Which course is not specifically related to people's jobs? In which course are men not invited to participate? Which TWO courses have course notes to go with them? Which course will deal with writing skills? Which course is on at night? Question 31 Three of the courses specifically cover the same subject.

Choose the subject from the list below and write its name in box 31 your answer sheet. Can you imagine a world without zippers to fasten clothing? Have you ever wondered about the layout of the keyboard of a typewriter, which we see every day on the computer?

These are just two of the many inventions which have made our lives easier. Maybe that's why we don't think about them very much! The Zipper Whatever did we do before the invention of the zipper?

Although the inventor claimed that it was a reliable fastening for clothing. The Chicago zipper sprang open without warning, or jammed shut, and it swiftly lost popularity. Twenty years later a Swedish-born engineer called Sundback solved the problem. He attached tiny cups to the backs of the interlocking teeth, and this meant that the teeth could be enmeshed more firmly and reliably. At first zippers were made of metal.

English Language Courses

They were heavy, and if they got stuck it was difficult to free them. Then came nylon zippers which were lighter and easier to use, and had smaller teeth. The fashion industry liked the new zippers far better because they did not distort the line of the garment or weigh down light fabrics. They were also easier for the machjnists to fit into the garment. Meanwhile a new fastening agent made its appearance at the end of the twentieth century: Velcro is another product made from nylon.

Nylon is a very tough synthetic fibre first developed in the , and bearing a name to remind the hearer of the two places where it was developed: Velcro is made with very small nylon hooks on one side of the fastening which catch tiny looped whiskers on the other side of the fastening.

It is strong and durable. Ve1cro is used on clothing, luggage and footwear. It is quick and easy to fasten and unfasten, and has taken a large part of the zipper's share of the market. It is also used in ways a zipper cannot be used - for instance as an easily changed fastening on plaster casts, and to hold furnishing fabrics in position. The Typewriter and the Keyboard The keyboard of the modern typewriter is laid out in a most odd fashion.

The answer is simple: But first, let's consider the history of the typewriter itself. Shales invented the first of the modern typewriters, although there had been patents for typewriter-like machines as early as , when Queen Anne of England granted a patent to a man called Henry Mill for a machine which would make marks on paper "so neat and exact as not to be distinguished from print". In , across the Atlantic in Detroit USA, William Austin Burt took out a patent on a typewriter-like machine, four years before the French inventor Xavier Projean produced his machine designed to record words at a speed comparable to someone writing with a pen.

So the typewriter was not a new idea, although there had not been a successful realisation of the idea before Christopher Shales' machine. His typewriter became very popular, and soon people learned to type very quickly - so quickly, in fact, that the keys became tangled. On manual typewriters the characters were set on the end of bars which rose to strike the paper when the key was pressed.

In the first models, the keys were set alphabetically. When a quick typist tapped out a word like federal, it was very likely the adjacent e and d keys would become entangled. Shales therefore set about finding ways to slow the typist down. He looked for the letters which were most often used in English, and then placed them far away from each other.

For instance, q and ll, which are almost always used together in English, are separated by five intervening letters. The plan worked, and the typist was slowed down a little. When computers came into use in the latter part of the twentieth century it was suggested that the keyboard should be rationalised. After all, there was no longer any need to avoid clashing manual typewriter keys.

One new board included keys which produced letters which frequently occur together in English, like ing and th and ed, so the word thing would take two strokes to write instead of five. Although this made perfect sense, people found it very hard to learn to use a new keyboard, and the idea was dropped. Tt is unlikely that the keyboard will ever be changed: It is very likely that we will soon have machines which take dictation as wc speak to them, and the keyboard will be used for corrections.

Questions From the information in the reading passage, classify the following events as occurring: Sundback's zipper The first zipper was successful as a fastener. Nylon was used a lot during the Second World War, The first typewriter's keyboard was different to the modern keyboard. The keys of Shales' first machine were likely to jam. New computers will use the rationalised keyboard.

Write your answer in boxes on your answer sheet. Morpeth is today a small town about two hours' drive north of Sydney. The town of Morpeth grew from an original acres of land given to an English army officer, Lieutenant Edward Close , in During the and Morpeth became a major river port, due to its favourable location. Produce, hides and timber were brought to Morpeth from inland New South Wales and shipped down the Hunter river to the coast and then to Sydney.

However, in a railway line reached the town, and the importance of river shipping began to decline. Today, Morpeth, with its beautiful old buildings, is a popular tourist destination. When was Lieutenant Close given the land on which Morpeth grew? On what river is Morpeth situated? When did trains first get to Morpeth? Which TWO places to stay have restaurants? Which place claims to offer the cheapest rate? For more information, to which place can you telephone free of charge? At which place can the guests cook their own food?

Formerly an orphanage, the Inn is set on 10 acres of landscaped gardens complete with pool, Siluna, tennis court, spa, gym, billiard room, guest lounge, fireplace, cocktail bar, and two restaurants. Special packages available.

New England Highway, Maitland. C;;l11 toll free l or 32 52 88 c Endeavour East Maitland Motel 28 modern, comfortable 3-star units which open onto the swimming pool and barbeque area. All units feature TV and videos, airconditioning, 2 with spas.

Fully licensed restaurant with cocktail bar and lounge is open 7 nights. Close to all amenities. New England Highway, East Maitland.

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The Siesta Motel, rated 3-star, is conveniently placed at the gateway to the winery district and ncnrby to the historic towns of Morpeth and Wollombi. The family-owned and operated Siesta offers airconditioned comfort and a friendly atmosphere. A free light breakfast is delivered to your suite and excellent meals are available at the Maitland City Bowling Club next door.

Quality of accommodation is assured and the tariff is the lowest in the district. Phone 32 83 22 Eskdale Country Cottages Rustic cottages secluded amongst gum trees provide quietness and privacy on acres. The cottages are located on the historic beef cattle property, "Eskdale", nestled in the Williams Valley. Each cottage is completely self-contained having 2 bedrooms, full kitchen facilities, and sitting rooms with TV and video, and offers comfortable rural accommodation to those who enjoy the delights of the country yet still retain access to the city.

QuestioHs Read the descriptiol'l below of the town of Morpeth and answer the questions that follow. The best way to see Morpeth is to take the Morpcth Heritage Walk. This covers about three kilometres, and takes visitors past many beautiful historical buildings.

Starting at Fig Tree Hill, which has picnic facilities, stroll past the Surgeon's Cottage, built in , formerly home of the local doctor, now shops. From there you will come 10 Morpeth Bridge, erected in Opposite it on the right is the Courthouse, still in use today. Continue your walk past the historic Railway Station, then turn into George Street. Stroll past gracious houses until you come to the Church of the Immaculate Conceplion on your right, built of bricks made in Gosford.

Continuing up George Street, you come to the shopping district; browse through the shops or stop for refreshment. The first one has been done for you as an example. If you feel inadequately prepared for your course, you can get help from the Numeracy Centre, which offers FREE elementary help in maths and statistics.

Crab a timetable from the Centre and drop in when it suits you. This 3-hour lecture will review mathematical concepts necessary for elementary statistics, such as fractions, area and percentages up to a Year 8 level of mathematics. It is not necessary to book, so feel free to drop in. This session is FREE!

This three-day course introduces ideas in elementary statistics to provide a starting point for further developments in statistical skills later on in other courses. The course is run in sessions of three hours, in the form of a one-hour lecture followed by a two-hour tutorial.

Examples will be drawn from the reference books listed.

The tutorials will be interactive where possible eg. This course is largely non-mathematical. It will instead concentrate on the interpretation and application of statistics rather than on computation. This course will be conducted over two days in the form of workshops and small group discussions, with a strong emphasis on hands-on experience of data manipulation using computers.

Students with English as their second language who will be needing elementary computing for their courses are encouraged to enrol in this 8-hour course. Students will learn through workshops giving hands-on experience.This course will look at ways to revitalise the customer contact skills you already have and add many more.

English books and magazines will also be easier to obtain. They were also easier for the machjnists to fit into the garment. Make the most of the work you study in class by reviewing it regularly. Where can 1 download books? The test is divided as follows: Reading Passage 1 Questions 1 to 13 Reading Passage 2 Questions 14 to 27 Reading Passage 3 Questions 28 to 40 Start at the beginning of the test and work through it. Which one comes first? Generating electricity using geothermal energy 4 Power station generates electricity 5 Electricity sent to national grid 3 Heat exchanger extracts heat to run power station 6 Cool water pumped back down 2 Hot water pumped up Layer of hot rock 1 Hot underground water Starting point of cycle Layer of hot rock 90 Focusing on IELTS Academic Practice Tests 10 SPEAKING Speaking Test 3 When you listen to the recording, after you hear each question you should press pause and answer the question before going on to the next question.

Take seriously any information from a casualty concerning: When will classes start?

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